Fair Youth: Emylee of Forest Springs

By Christine Dzidrums

Fair Youth Volume 1
Cover-FairYouthThe Fay sisters came to Forest Springs for one reason – me. Me – the girl who never existed. Me – the invisible loner.
Twelve-year-old Emylee Markette has felt invisible her entire life. Then one fateful afternoon, three beautiful sisters arrive in her sleepy New England town and instantly become the most popular girls at Forest Springs Middle School. To everyone’s surprise, the Fay sisters befriend Emylee and welcome her into their close-knit circle. Before long, the shy loner finds herself running with the cool crowd, joining the track team and even becoming friends with her lifelong crush.
Through it all, though, Emylee’s weighed down by nagging suspicions. Why were the Fay sisters so anxious to befriend her? How do they know some of her inner thoughts? What do they truly want from her?
When Emylee eventually discovers that her new friends are secretly fairies, she finds her life turned upside down yet again and must make some life-changing decisions.
Fair Youth: Emylee of Forest Springs marks the first volume in an exciting new book series.


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