Cutters Don’t Cry

By Christine Dzidrums

SoCal Series Volume 1

Cutters Don't Cry“I want to tell you how scared I am. I see my world falling apart, but I can’t glue it back together. It’s like I’m watching my life as an outsider.

I’m so lonely, but the thought of being around others terrifies me. It’s all so confusing.

What’s wrong with me? Is this how Daddy felt before he left us? Am I losing my mind?”

19-year-old Charity Graff engages in self-harm. More specifically she cuts herself to numb emotions. In a series of journal entries, the confused teenager begins writing to her estranged father, filling him in on what’s happened in her life since he left nearly 18 years ago. Throughout the course of her letter writing, Charity chronicles her quest for perfection, a serious struggle with depression and the painful realization that life will not offer tidy solutions.



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